Yes, we still went grocery shopping on Thursday, after all those are the rules. However, this particular Thursday we also needed gas for the car. Normally for most people this is a very routine function. You find the nearest gas station and fill the car, that’s it. That isn’t how things go for us because that would be too easy ( and we wouldn’t want that – would we?). No ,we have to drive around town looking for the station with the absolute lowest price. Then we are all excited because this particular station is 4 cents cheaper than all the others. We happily fill the gas tank and go merrily on our way because we have saved so much money. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the fact that we have used a half tank of gas looking for this tremendous savings.

My dad also has a new line that he likes to use on the clerks now. When they ask for his ID, he tells them ” You should know me because my face is on the wall of all the post offices” ). I hope he is joking – I’ll check it out the next time I go to buy some stamps. Also, we had to hurry home and prepare for the huge snow storm that was coming. ( on Sunday ) We’re like the boy scouts, we are always prepared,sometimes years in advance.