My friends and my niece and I occasionally like to go to Panera Bread or Starbucks for a coffee,hot chocolate and some sort of snack. Years ago we took my dad to Starbucks and he was not impressed ” Why would anyone pay that much  for a damn coffee? ” ” Hell I can brew it at home in the comfort of my kitchen and just relax.” We have tried explaining to him the various blends and about frappes and capacinos but he said he just doesn’t understand why people just can’t drink a regular cup of coffee and be happy.

It is the same at Panera Bread. He doesn’t understand what is so attractive about eating food that is fat free or more healthy for you, whole grains, eggs from chickens free range – not locked in cages ( You know basically eating healthy ). His reply is ” Hell I can get a great meal at Texas Roadhouse – nice thick steak, a salad on the side and a baked potato loaded with everything ” ” That is not only very good and priced right, but how can that not be healthy?”.  We still invite him to go with us whenever we go but we also know what his answer will be -” Well, go and have a good time and enjoy your food and drinks, personally I prefer staying home and eating my food here but that’s me , you do what you want but I don’t need to go.”