On Thursday my dad’s toe was very swollen and sore. He thought that he might have broken it so he went to the doctor. The doctor told him he had gout and gave him some medication and told him to keep pressure off his toe. By the weekend his toe was doing much better and wasn’t as sore. On Sunday his toe was still a little sore but as we all know God would be angry if you wore your slippers to Church. (Maybe we can get God to do a guest appearance on Project Runway and critique those fashions).

Half way through the service, my dad’s toe began to throb and he reluctantly sat through the rest of the service. He was very upset that he couldn’t stand, because as we all know God wouldn’t want you to sit even if you were in pain. Now even though he was in pain, we had to stay for the coffee and snacks after Church, no questions asked. This way we can mingle with the rest of our family members and friends and of course show the Bishop that he is still wearing his George belt buckle. Also, we did not go straight home because we had to stop by Arbys for our Sunday lunch and so that everyone could say hi to big bad George. Needless to say that night my dad sat in front of the TV with his foot elevated and no shoe on it. It is better today.