Remember on Cheers when Norm would enter the bar and everyone there would yell “Norm”? Well that is the type of reception my dad gets at Arbys. Except when my dad enters they yell ” It’s Big Bad George ” You have to see it to believe it. Since we started going there, that is how he has referred himself to all the workers there. Not only that, but also, everyone behind the counter knows his order by heart ( yes , we get the same thing every week – no changes allowed ). I will say that we do get excellent service, we never wait long and the food is always freshly prepared.

I went for a walk this Sunday afternoon. We have walking paths all around the creek nearby and there are many people in the area that walk, jog or bike. It is very scenic and refreshing. Since I refuse to take a cell phone with me, my dad has estimated the length of the walk and the allotted time it should take me to complete it.  No stopping to tie your shoes, enjoy the scenery or stopping to talk with someone. If someone goes with you you walk and talk – simple as that. My dad says he always worries about ” the element ” along the creek paths. I’m not sure if he means the people or the creek itself. Apparently though the walk ways in Sand Creek are every bit as perilous as taking a walk at night in Central Park in New York. (who knew?)