This morning I had to go to the post office to mail some letters and I asked my dad if he would like to go just to get him out of the house. Normally a task of this nature is uneventful and mostly dull. Not so for us. About half way to the post office my dad’s cell phone rings. ” Hello, who is this? Wait let me turn the volume up so you can hear me. ” Instead he accidentally hangs up. A few seconds later the phone rings again and the whole process is repeated again with my dad accidentally hanging up again. This happens a couple more times and finally my dad says ” I think it is some lady “. The next time the phone rings he says ” Just a minute and I’ll have you talk to my son, so you can hear better “. I take the phone and it is my niece Katie , calling to see if we will pick up some cheese for her at the store while we are out. I turn up the volume and give the phone back to my dad. He says ” We turned up the volume, can you hear me now? ” She told my dad what she needed and after mailing the letters we picked up the cheese for her. Of course at the store we get to meet and great all the clerks ( many of whom he knows on a first name basis ). Thankfully the phone didn’t ring on our way back home.