As I have mentioned before, my dad is very hard of hearing. Unfortunately, the doctor has said that nothing more can be done to fix this. He has the strongest hearing aids available and yet he still struggles to hear. So, basically watching TV with him is like watching a movie with surround sound but in a much smaller room. After a while you do get used to the loudness and at the end of the day you get used to going to bed with a ringing sensation in your ears and a headache. What I still haven’t gotten used to yet is when he changes the volume up or down a black bar appears across the screen. This bar shows you how high or low the volume is. Unfortunately, when people are talking, or when scenes change or when TV ads come on they don’t have a universal volume. This results in my dad pressing the remote to adjust the volume , almost in a continuous manner to the point that the bar is a permanent fixture. One day I hope to actually see the faces of the people on those many shows that we have (watched).

Earlier in the day my dad had gone to the doctor to see if he had broken his toe. The x-ray showed that his toe was not broken but that his toes were in the early stages of rheumatic arthritis and that they were all wrinkled. While we were watching TV the one toe appeared swollen. My niece said she would fix my dad a nice ice pack for his toe . She put some ice in a baggie and then wrapped a cloth around it so it wouldn’t be too cold for him. My dad replied ” Oh hell, by the time the ice penetrates that thick canvass wrap my whole foot will be swollen”. He removed the cloth applied the baggie to his toe and thanked my niece for being so thoughtful.