You wouldn’t think that storing sour cream could cause much of a fuss, think again. My dad has his policy of everything has its place, especially in the kitchen. Recently though , my niece Katie and I questioned his placement of the sour cream container in the vegetable bin. We really didn’t care where the sour cream was placed, but getting the sour cream container out of the very narrow vegetable bin is an endless task and you end up with sour cream all over the bin when the lid pops off.  So, just where in the refrigerator does the sour cream belong? Not on the milk shelf, not on the shelf with the butter and cheese  ( why not? ). This discussion will continue on for a while until we reach a compromise ( perhaps the condiment shelf?). Maybe we just shouldn’t buy anymore sour cream. Things are easier in the canned goods storage cabinet – everything is stored alphabetically.

Waiting for the postman is one of my dads favorite things to do. He knows exactly when he should arrive at our house and my dad is there to great him at the front door. My dad is also very good at tracking the postman. Starting at noon, we get 15 minute progress reports. ” I don’t see his truck yet” or ” I just saw him on the other block he will be here in about 20 minutes”.  It’s a good thing that we have sports and other things to do on Saturday because this could be a potential problem when they discontinue Saturday delivery.