I spent a good part of Monday morning shoveling snow. And then Monday afternoon the sun came out and helped melt even more snow, typical Colorado weather. However, now as I am typing this, it is snowing once again ( oh joy, I will get the privilege of shoveling again tomorrow ). For most people shoveling snow is very uneventful. However, not for me and my dad, especially after a heavy snowfall. Every 5 minutes my dad will pop his head out the front door and ask ” how deep is it?” Of course he requires a new answer with each area I am shoveling. This is also not an exact science on my part either. I don’t carry around a yard stick and yell back 8 inches on the front porch, 5 inches on the front sidewalk. We did learn though that every time it snows drifts tend to be higher than other areas. Since this was a heavy snow and it took a while to clear, it did keep my dad busy for much of the morning.

My niece, foolishly, decided to help my dad clean the kitchen on Monday afternoon. The first question is why did the kitchen need cleaning. This is one of those kitchens where you could literally eat off the floor. Everything has its place and everything is in its place. My niece found this out while helping my dad clean. Apparently, under the kitchen sink, we have one side for cleaning supplies and the other side is for food products and never ever shall the two meet. As my dad pointed out to my niece ” what do you think the cardboard is there for?” ( lesson learned).