It snowed very heavily today, in fact it is still snowing. We got into the car and attempted getting to Church but the roads were to icy and we turned around and came home. That small trip though wasn’t wasted because it did allow my dad the opportunity to do his cross several times and say a few prayers. Once we got home my niece Katie asked what we would like for lunch and she ended up fixing us a nice stroganof. Of course this will never make up for us missing our Sunday Arby’s lunch – they are probably wondering where we are.

Cleaning up is another matter. My dad is very set in his ways and everything must be cleaned in a certain way with a certain cleaner. Gravy’s and other juices are NEVER poured down the disposal. We have different cans in the garage for each different item. Of course on Friday the are all tossed into the trash can for the garbage men to collect. And of course at this point the only one who can load the dishwasher properly is my dad. The directions on the specific places where dishes and glasses and silverware can be placed is too complex for anyone else to comprehend.

This also applies to my dad’s bathroom. There is a specific and different cleaner for the shower, toilet and sink. I tried helping my dad clean his bathroom several times and it resulted with him just recleaning everything I had done. Something about using a circular motion when I clean and using the correct cloth to dry each item off properly.