It snowed last night. Not a lot but enough to cover the sidewalks and streets and require that the sidewalks be shoveled. I prefer using a shovel rather than a snow blower. I always envision me  cutting the cord on the snow blower or shot circuiting the fuses on the house. I like to shovel the walks early and give the sun a chance to dry them out. So there I was almost  done shoveling the snow, when my dad opened the front door and asked “did it snow?” (If not that then a plane with a huge cargo of cocaine crashed on our block).

When it snows my dad shovels a path from the dog door to the dog run. One day in less than an hours time, the dogs had come and gone in and out several times. Every time they came in they were covered with snow, so my dad would grab his shovel and shovel some more snow. Finally after doing this over this hour length of time and with no end in sight, my dad turned to me and said ” we have got to get these dogs a different brand of dog food. What we are using now makes them poop too much.”

Whenever we get in the car to go somewhere, my dad after putting on his seat belt then immediately begins doing his cross and saying little prayers several times. He keeps telling me that this has nothing to do with my driving, that he is just praying for God to watch over us while we do our errands. At first I believed this explanation. Then the first time when it was snowing and I was driving, I noticed that the prayers and doing his cross came fast, furious and non stop through the whole trip.