With my dad everything is black and white, no shades of grey. For example, one night at dinner I decided I didn’t want any bread with my meal. From then on my dad let everyone know that I hated bread and would never eat bread again. No one should ever offer me any bread or even place the bread near my plate, period. Another example, we were driving in the car one day and I needed to make a left hand turn. The traffic was so heavy that I decided it would be faster to just turn right and then circle around. Well , from then on my dad told everyone that I would never turn left when I was driving. He suggested that if they went driving with me to leave early because it would take extra time driving around Denver since I would only do right turns. ( How do we ever get anywhere ?)

My niece Jackie lived with us for about a year. She decided to try and help out around the house ( good luck with that ). First she decided to dust. Normally this is something that can be done easily and with very few problems. My dad said she did a good job dusting, but she needed to be more careful  and make sure things were put back in their proper place. From what I could gather, some of the photos had not been replaced on the right shelf or at the right angle. This is why I have adopted the theory on dusting that it will always return so why bother to get rid of it in the first place.