The Bishop gave my dad a ‘George’ belt buckle about 3 weeks ago. That is the only belt buckle he wears now and he makes sure to tell everyone where he got it -whether they ask or not. Each Sunday in Church he makes sure that the Bishop is aware that he is wearing the belt buckle that he was given.

My dad likes a warm house. Usually the heat is turned up to at least 80  degrees day and night. You could probably walk around the house nude and still be sweating from the heat.. To make it especially nice and toasty, when we watch TV in the family room, my dad likes to turn the fireplace up full blast. Occasionally when we have company over and they say something about the heat, my dad will reply ” Well you know my son does keep his house unusually warm, but it is his house so who am I to say anything “.

Going to the mall is a common event for most people – not for us. First , we start out a hour hour early just preparing to go. We have to allow plenty of time to get dressed properly and of course bathroom time – the ones at the mall just aren’t fit to use -Right? We also have to agree before leaving, that if my dad is wearing a coat because he is cold, we all should wear coats because if we are not cold now we will be.  Finally there is our routine when we get to the mall. First we have to find the best handicapped space available – that sticker has come in very handy. Once in the mall we have our walking routine. We walk half of the mall to the pet shop where we look at the puppies. Then on our way back , we stop by the food court and you always get a small blizzard – of course you are free to pick whatever variety of blizzard that you want. After this it is time to go home because we have already spent too much time goofing off.