Friday night my niece Katie got invited to a party by a friend she hadn’t seen in several years. She was excited to go and as she left she made the mistake of taking my dad’s cell phone with her ( you know just in case ) and she gave my dad the number to the friend’s house. Sure enough at 10 PM , my dad asks me if he should give Katie a call. ( I mean who in their right mind stays out late on a Friday night – right? ). Instead of saying no, I foolishly said ” do what makes you feel better”. My dad called and Katie’s friend said ” I think it is your grandfather “. I didn’t here the rest of the conversation, but when my dad hung up he said Katie had told him that he had embarrassed her. He told me how is caring for someone embarrassing to them?” I was going to explain to him the difference between caring and stalking but I just didn’t have the energy.

On Sunday night we ran into another TV crisis. Channel 4 ( CBS and the only station worth watching ), started the evening out with the reality show survivor. My dad hates reality TV so there was no way we were watching that. We then went to our backup cable station ( the one that shows reruns of all our favorite shows on channel 4). The backup cable station had the nerve to be showing a movie instead of their normal rerun programming. After going through what seemed like hundreds of cable stations, we lucked out and found another one that had all the rerun shows from channel 4. ( oh joy ). So, we now have two backup cable stations that show reruns of our favorite shows , probably forever. ( How could we be so lucky?)