My dad was sick all weekend with a very bad cold. Therefore, he did not attend Church with my niece and I Sunday morning. It is traditional in the Greek Orthodox Church for you to light a candle before entering the Sanctuary. My dad has his own tradition as well. He likes to light a candle for everyone in his family. Since he comes from a very large family, my niece went in and enjoyed the service, while I spent my time lighting candles.

On Saturday as we were preparing to watch the University of Colorado basketball game, my niece Katie decided to fix something for us to eat before the game. We didn’t have some of the ingredients , so she wrote a list of items and I set out to go to the grocery store. However, right before I left my dad wanted to be sure I knew where the grocery store was and what the items looked like. I was told that tomato sauce would come in a jar or can and that it would have the words tomato sauce written on it. Also, that a red pepper looked like a pepper but was red and that red cabbage was red or purple in color but looked like a cabbage. So off I went. When I got back we were all delighted that not only had I found the store on my own but had also purchased the proper items.

My other niece Jackie will be entering the University of Colorado Medical Center in the fall and she invited my dad and I to the initiation ceremony. They get their white lab coats and there is a luncheon afterwords.  My dad said he would be delighted to go but also stated that he hoped it didn’t last that long because he was a busy man and had other things to do that day. He also was concerned about the food we would get at the luncheon ” since they never really have the best of food at these things”.  I have been thinking of calling the school and asking them if they would consider getting the Texas Roadhouse to cater the event. My dad would be so pleased.