Yesterday all three of us , my dad, my niece Katie and I had appointments. We only have 2 cars, but the appointments were spread out enough to where 2 of us could share one car with no problems.  I left first and my dad was convinced that I would not get back in time for Katie to use my car. My dad left about a half hour after I did and told Katie that he would call her to make sure she had a car and that he would come home early if I hadn’t come back yet.

I got back in plenty of time and Katie left for her appointment. About a half hour later the phone rang – it was my dad. I said hello, he replied ” Katie is that you?”. I said no Katie has left already. My dad replied ” then who the hell is this ?”  I said your son and that Katie had left for her appointment. He said he hadn’t recognized my voice and that I had sounded like an old lady. ( I really hope that this is due to his lack of hearing and not my changing voice ).

This morning, Thursday, we went grocery shopping. Katie had added several items to the list ( like kim chee ). My dad in his not politically correct manner told me ” I just don’t know why she eats that Kung Foo garbage.”  Of course he also describes Gay and Lesbian people as Joe’s people. I guess that makes me something like Moses and I will be leading all Gay and Lesbian Americans to the promised land.