My dad taught me how to drive. He isn’t a bad driver , just a very fast driver.  I often thought that it was too bad that he never entered the Indy 500. That winning trophy would have looked great on the fireplace mantel. I do most of the driving now. When we are in the car driving down the street , my dad likes to wave to the people walking down the sidewalk.  They never wave back, because they generally don’t see him waving. When they don’t wave back my dad says ” people have gotten very rude and unfriendly anymore “.  I have tried to tell him that they aren’t being rude. It is just that when you are walking down the street you generally don’t look inside the cars passing you by to see if someone is waving at you.

Parking with my dad in the car is also another unique experience.  We try and find a place as close to the door of the store, since it is hard for him to walk long distances. We now have a handicapped sticker, so most of the time we can find a spot that is very convenient. Before we got the handicapped sticker, I would drive around and try to find a spot as close as we could get. I would pull into the spot and my dad would say ” while this is a very nice spot, I would have parked over there. but that’s me, you do what you want”. ( Is this what causes people to drink  while driving? ).