When I first moved back in with my dad, one of the first changes I made was with the yard – front and back. I had the front yard rocked in and we placed Native Colorado plants that required very little water but the birds could eat their seeds. The back yard was done with tree bark and a few trees. The flower beds were left untouched, these had been my mom’s pride and joy and most of the rose bushes she planted are still going strong. My dad was resistant to getting rid of the grass at first, but I pointed out to him that in was the environmentally best thing to do, especially since Colorado was getting less and less moisture each year. The truth was , I had mowed this yard as a teenager for years and had no intention of doing it again. Now however, zero landscaping has really caught on in the metro area and I look like I was ahead of the curve environmentally.

Changing the interior of the house was a different matter, especially the kitchen. My dad had been using some plastic  plates and silverware that required very little washing. I had some very nice dishes and silverware that I replaced them with, besides we have a dishwasher. My dad was convinced that the dishwasher would not like my dishes and would not clean them properly. ( Do dishwashers discriminate ? ) So far though they seem to be cleaning very well. We do however use the smaller plates as much as possible. They take up less room and you don’t have to run the dishwasher as much.  Paper plates are starting to sound like the only reasonable answer.