Growing up, my sister and I had an assorted amount of pets. Mostly dogs, but we also had birds,fish hampsters and even a cat. This cat apparently one day escaped through an open door and we never saw him again (hmm ). Six months before I moved in with my dad , I inherited 2 kittens about the same age as my puppy. They played together and basically grew up together. I also knew that when I moved in with my dad they would not be allowed free access to run around the house. My dad hates the thought of any cat jumping up on a counter top – especially in the kitchen ( I told him you could train them not to do that but he wasn’t convinced ).

When I moved in with my dad dog and cats in hand , we made special arrangements for the cats. We put them in the bedroom that my niece uses when she visits. I put a big dresser in front of the window and they are able to look outside perfectly. We also took the door and hollowed it out and replaced it with a mess fabric – now they can view everything going on in the house. They have scratching posts and a nice bed to relax on. They really love sleeping under the wall vent and letting the heat blast them away. ( You would think with all that fur that would make them warm )

When my niece Jackie lived with us for awhile she also brought her cat Isis with her. Sher was an older cat – not able to really jump much – so she was allowed to roam about the house. One day I went to ask my dad a question, he was downstairs in his office. As I entered the office , there he sat with Isis on his lap. She was purring away and he was petting her much to her delight. Isis is now gone but my dad spends time with our other cats, Emmett and Louie. He feeds them , talks to them and even spends part of the day in their room with them petting and playing with them. I am still waiting for hell to freeze over.