Friday morning we noticed that the cable had gone out on my TV. Then we noticed that the cable had gone out on the other TV’s as well. After contemplating spending the weekend with the 3 of us ( my dad, my niece and myself ) spending time together and getting to know each other better, I decided it would be best to call the cable company and get it repaired. ( This also would help avoid another shooting in Aurora ). I called the cable company and they said we were in luck, a man was in our area and would arrive at the house between 12 and 4 to try and solve our problem. I told them I would be more than happy to pay the repair bill somewhere between February and June.

While waiting for the cable guy, my dad decided to take another look at my TV ( he still felt that it was the source of all our problems ). Now ,my dad is very good at repairing things. Where we seem to run into trouble is in the discovery stage trying to figure out what is wrong. On something like the TV my dad will push every button available until something happens. This was done to the TV and when, after pushing several buttons, the picture vanished from the screen , my dad declared ” I knew the TV was broken “. I reminded him that it had been working until he decided to start pushing buttons. Getting the TV working again at least gave us something to do until the cable guy arrived.

After arriving, the cable guy went to the side of the house with the connection and found a broken wire. He quickly repaired it and we were good to go. Then my dad decided to turn this into a social event. He began chatting with him and showing him around the house – all of it. ( Didn’t this guy have other jobs to do ? ). After about 45 minutes the cable guy and my dad shook hands and he finally left. However, if I heard correctly, he will be joining us for dinner Monday night.