Several years ago, my dad had cataract surgery on both eyes. After the initial surgery and recovery time my dad had almost perfect vision for the first time since he was a child. Imagine his delight in waking up in the morning, opening his eyes and seeing clearly without the need for any glasses. Of course now there is always the excitement of misplaced glasses.

It is a real shame that nothing can be done for his hearing. He has gone through all sorts of hearing aids and other devices, to no avail. The doctor has told him that there is nothing more that they can do. This brings us to watching TV. To say the least my dad needs the sound to be loud. ( very, very , very loud ). The noise level is like having surround sound in the theater but in a much smaller space. I think if our relatives in California were to open their windows at night they would be able to hear with ease what we are watching. Needless to say by the end of the evening, you generally go to bed with a headache and a constant ringing in your ears. The one consolation in all this is that in a few years we will all be deaf from the loudness and won’t notice anymore.

This also presents problems with my dad using the cell. No matter how loud it is turned up it is never enough. My dad is always telling whoever called ” hold on a minute, let me put you on the speaker, so you can hear me better”.  In Church, we sit in a specific pew, to take advantage of the speakers placed there.  However with perfect timing, either during the sermon or when the Priest is making announcements at the end of the service, my dad will turn to me and say ” Let me know if he says anything important. ” I am hoping one day to actually hear what the Priest says.