Today we heard the news of another impending crisis – no more mail delivery on Saturday.  My dad was very upset , since waiting for the mail is a daily social event. About noon time , my dad will start looking out the window for the arrival of the mail truck. Once the truck arrives, the action begins. My dad, after years of observation , can now tell you which side of the street the mailman will start his delivery on and almost precisely the exact time we will be receiving our mail. Of course this process would not be complete without my dad greeting the mailman when he reaches our door. ( By all appearances , they seem to have become very close friends ).

Several years ago , there was a similar crisis. The postage rate was increased, as it was again this year. However, back then my dad hadn’t heard of the forever stamp. The clerk showed him the forever stamp and told him that once you purchased these stamps, you could use them forever no matter how much postage went up in the meantime. My dad was thrilled, but had the clerk assure him several times, that the letters with the forever stamps would get the same care and be delivered on time just like any other stamp. My dad still was not totally convinced, but so far he hasn’t had any mail returned due to lack of postage.

We had a similar crisis when the Radio Shack near us closed. “Where would we go to get our batteries at such a good price?” ( Another Radio Shack in another part of town?). Fortunately, soon after we discovered The Dollar Store. Not only did they have the brand of batteries that my dad uses, but they sold  a package for  only a dollar. At this point my dad determined that Radio Shack had been over charging him for years and that we would never go there again , even if they were to open one up near us again.