My job was outsourced a while ago and I have been looking for a new job since then. This has created an opportunity for my dad to announce to everyone he knows that I am looking. Now when the phone rings or when we meet someone in public, he gets to job hunt for me on my behalf. ( I am starting to meet some very interesting people – too bad none of them have any jobs to offer ). Any day now I expect to see my dad standing on the roadside holding one of those signs ” My son needs a job and he is a nice guy “. Maybe it will work – who knows.

What made my last job so great is that I could work from home. It would be great to find another position like that. My dad doesn’t need to be watched constantly, but I know I felt better and I think he does too knowing I am around just in case of an emergency. With the heart problems , you just can’t be too careful.

Over the years , I have had some friends and a few relatives say ” Oh you got stuck taking care of your dad “. Let me be perfectly clear – I didn’t get stuck doing anything. Given the chance I would do it all over again – no exceptions. And yes we argue loudly many times ( We are Greek, it would be abnormal to sit down and discuss issues rationally ) . At the end of the day we are family – that is important to Greek people. And we take care of each other and don’t consider that being stuck. We are opinionated and we enjoy life to the fullest. Besides if he doesn’t like you my dad will tell you directly – I haven’t been told anything yet. ( Tomorrow, who knows. )