Even though my dad enjoys  playing solitaire on the computer , I think he would really enjoy e-mail and google search if he would give it a try. They teach computer classes for free at the Senior Center in Aurora. These are relatively short but informative classes , trying to help older people feel more comfortable using the internet. Plus, it is a good social outlet for senior citizens. I have offered to take my dad to these classes, his response has been ” I’m not sure I want to spend all that time with all those old people. What if we have nothing in common? ”

Every month or so the women in the Philoptochos will bake at the Church , either for the Greek Festival or for Sunday coffee hour. Since it is usually during the day, it is mostly older Greek women in attendance. Some of the older Greek men go and help from time to time including my dad. However, he never stays very long because ” all those old ladies do is gab and socialize – no wonder it takes them all day to bake.”

We did finally get my dad a handicapped parking tag and he now tells the people at Arby’s every Sunday that he wants his senior discount.  Neither of these was achieved easily. The handicap tag was the toughest because as he pointed out  – “I am not handicapped “. But he finally agreed that at his age walking as slow as he does in the cold weather was not good for his health. Now when I am ready to park the car, he grabs the tag out of the glove compartment and places it on the window. Then as we are walking into the store he says ” This is so much nicer , I don’t know why we didn’t get that handicap tag sooner”.  ( Neither do I )