Before moving in with my dad, I would do things spur of the moment or when they needed to be done , never much planning ahead. Since then I find everything is planned in advance ( days , months ahead ) and the routine is to never be varied. For example, grocery shopping day. Always on Thursday and always the same stores in the same sequence. First King Soopers – they are the only store to sell individual flowers. We buy two Carnations to leave  at my mom’s grave every Sunday morning on our way to Church. Next is Family Dollar – they are great for dog and cat treats and inexpensive. Then finally for the food: Safeway, Walmart and Sams – in that order. Of course the ultimate perfect store would be when you enter the food would jump off the shelf and into your cart.

Then there is the TV watching routine. We do have a dish with hundreds of available channels. However, I found out that we only watch channel 4 ( CBS ) no exceptions. It starts at 5 with the local news and then at 6 we have national news. I don’t start watching with my dad until 7. Now at times there are reality shows on channel 4, so we have had to look at an alternative channel because ” what person in their right mind watches those idiot reality shows “.  I confess that I have a few favorites: Bridezillas, Top Chef and Project Runway. Of course my dad’s description of those shows isn’t printable.

We were very fortunate to find a cable channel to switch to when channel 4 has reality TV. And lucky for us this particular station has reruns of all the shows on channel 4 ( you can now watch your favorite episodes more than once ) – oh joy.

Eating dinner is one other routine set in stone. It has to be no later than 4 because the dogs have to be fed promptly at 5, when my dad sits down to watch  his news. My dad also doesn’t understand why so many people call at dinner time ( possibly because normal people don’t eat dinner until 6 or 7)