My dad isn’t racist or bigoted in anyway, he just doesn’t always speak politically correct. He really likes President Obama and what he likes to do when he writes a check in a store is tell the clerk ” This check will get you into the White House where you can now talk to a gentleman because we voted the jackass out “. Of course since the last election he has modified it some to ” This check will get you into the White House where a gentleman was re-elected because the republicans run nothing but jackasses “.

A few years ago my dad and I went to a bowl game in Hawaii. One afternoon when we were looking for a place to eat lunch, I found a Hamburger Mary’s ( a gay restaurant chain ). We ate lunch there, the waiter was very friendly and handsome – he even asked me out. When we left my dad said ” The food was very good and at a reasonable price. The waiter was very good and friendly, but he really went to far in trying to get a bigger tip “.

One of the strangest dates I ever had was when my dad came along. At the time I was dating this Greek guy and he said he wanted to be well acquainted with all my family. ( At that point I started to wonder about his sanity ). He invited my dad and I over for dinner. The dinner was very good and he spoke Greek to my dad, which impressed my dad a lot.  We broke up a few months later and I think my dad was more upset about that than I was.