A few years ago , I bought my dad a computer for Christmas. He was getting e-mails from his one brother but sent to my e-mail address. I thought with the computer  he could e-mail both his brothers back and forth and they could have a great time chatting that way ans save on the phone bill. Even though I showed him how to access his e-mail and reply back, every day when he would get an e-mail from one of his brothers , he would have me reply back. After several months of this, my cousins and I discovered that we were actually e-mailing each other in place of our dads. The brothers now have gone back to talking on the phone. ( I guess e-mail didn’t talk loud enough ). One good thing did come out of the computer though, my dad discovered that you can play games on it. He loves his daily games of solitaire.

I don’t have a cell phone, but my dad does. The established rules are : 1.) When you go somewhere, you take the cell phone with you. 2.) When you arrive, you phone to let him know you are safe and 3.) When you are getting ready to leave, you phone so he will have an idea when you should be back. For the most part this works well. ( Just don’t get stuck in traffic ).

My niece went to chat with a professor in Boulder the other day, I went with her along with the cell phone. When we got to Boulder, we noticed that there was one missed call. It was from my dad, telling us not to call him on his phone ( the line was down ), but to call him on my land line. We phoned and he was very upset that he might miss an important call ( this is also a social outlet for him ). We returned home later, his phone line was fixed and working that night. I now have all these strangers calling me on my phone. ( Why would I ever get a cell phone? )