As I mentioned in an earlier post, when I moved in with my dad I attempted to update – change much of the house, as nothing had changed since my mom had died. The toughest place to try this has been the kitchen. I think though that my dad is finally starting to realize that sometimes things need to change. For instance the stove. Right now only one burner and the top oven work. Try fixing Thanksgiving dinner with that. Or the microwave, several years ago my dad was cleaning the outside and spilled liquid on the timing pad. Now no numbers appear, you kind of guess how long things should cook. ( I have gotten used to eating a variety of foods a bit more crunchy and a bit more well done than usual ).

In the basement , my dad has amassed a variety of equipment from the restaurant that we ran. Some of it is in very good shape, other things are missing parts and all we need to do is get that part and it will be running good as new. The slight problem is that some of the equipment is so old that the parts for it haven’t been sold since the 70’s. There is also a shelf downstairs with pots, pans and various other cooking essentials, that both my nieces could open a gourmet restaurant at any time. But we save everything thing ( just in case Katie or Jackie might need it ).

The garage presents a challenge. It is a single car garage, but it was built to where the driver and passengers could get into the car while it was still parked inside – not anymore. Now there is only room for the driver to get in , and then you need a superior navigation system and all the driving skills you can amass to exit and enter. I just usually close my eyes and leave it in God’s hands.

There are several other rooms in the house that I haven’t dared touch a thing in. Items are stacked – very neatly, but the rooms are jam packed. If you have ever watched the reality TV show hoarders, expect to see us on there soon.