About 7 years ago my dad’s dog and my dog died within a month of each other. My dad’s dog TD ( short for touchdown ) , had really been my mom’s dog – he was by her side until the day she died. When he died , it was the last living connection my dad had to my mom. That same summer my niece Katie had gotten a puppy to take with her when she went back to Berkeley for school. Instead, Darcy found his way to my dad’s house and they have been buddies ever since.

When my dad had his heart surgery about 3 years ago , Darcy sat in the chair in my dad’s room and stared out the door waiting for my dad to appear. He barely ate and you have never seen a happier dog than when my dad returned from the hospital.

Snickers, my dog died a month after my dad’s dog TD and I was heartbroken. I vowed to never get another dog. He had been given to me by my nieces when their cocker spaniels had a litter and they chose their favorite one for me.  This made him extra special and I perhaps kept him around longer than I should have. Six months later, my nieces and sister insisted they were getting me a dog for my birthday. They said it was too strange with me not having a dog by my side.

We found someone selling Cocker Spaniel puppies and my dad went with me to pick one out. We got to the house and I sat on the floor. A door opened and out came 2 bouncing bundles of fur – they were cute. Behind them came another bundle of fur , half their size. He slowly walked up to me , stared at me and laid his head on my leg. I was his from then on. He was so tiny I could carry him around in my shirt pocket. I named him Apollo and he became my spoiled little Greek god.

Growing up , we always had dogs, but there were certain rules that came with them. No getting on the furniture, not coming into the kitchen when we were eating, and never on the beds. Boy have times changed. Now both dogs sleep with my dad. Darcy sleeps on the bed and Apollo at the side. They follow him around and even sit and wait for him at the bathroom door, because apparently whatever papou does or where ever he goes it’s fascinating. My niece Jackie’s dog  ( Odin )visits now and he has become part of the gang. So if you see an elderly man walking down the street with 3 dogs trailing behind, so hello to my dad.