I hate the hospital, always have and always will. My sister probably hates it worse than I do. When she was born her esophagus  was not connected to her stomach , this meant surgery and a long stay in the hospital. Over the years we have adjusted to waiting in the hospital and many visits to the ER. My dad had his first bypass surgery in 1979 ( 4 bypasses ). Since that time he has had 5 more bypasses and other various operations. He says his steel hip makes him feel like superman and at times he does walk like a man made of steel.

His most recent surgery was 3 years ago when he needed a valve replaced on his heart. At first, we were told the surgery was to be done after New Years, but then the urgency of the situation moved it up to a few days before Christmas. My sister and nieces waited with me until the doctor came and told us all had gone well and that we could visit him in ICU as soon as he woke up.

When my dad woke up, the first thing he asked was what day of the week it was. When I told him he was pleased and he asked which of his favorite shows would be on that night.  While staying in the ICU, my dad was a little upset that he had a male nurse. As he told us , that while the male nurse was very good at his job and very attentive to my dads needs, he just wasn’t as good looking as any of the female nurses that could have been assigned to him instead. Also a major complaint was that he had an inside room with no windows. As we tried to explain to him most people in ICU were there to recover and to start rehab and probably didn’t have that much time to stare out the window and enjoy the view.

Since then, he has fully recovered, although we do return to the hospital from time to time, mainly precautionary. Much like the restaurant, the hospital visits are now social events. We go to the University of Colorado Medical Center and he is on a first name basis with most of the staff and cleaning crew ( including the guy that does the valet parking ). He also once a year goes to the hospital to have the new residents listen to his heart. Apparently it has an unusual beat. This is a major social event as he makes new friends every year.