For most people grocery shopping is uneventful, for my dad and I it is an event comparable to planning a vacation. First, my dad makes lists all week, to make sure nothing is forgotten when we are at the store. We also make sure to buy multiples of some items, because we don’t want to have to go back to the store on another day. Everyone knows that grocery shopping is done only on Thursdays.

When we arrive at the store my dad proclaims ” well they probably won’t have half the stuff on the list, I don’t know why we come here” ( neither do I ). Once inside the store we go isle by isle looking for all our items. This is also not as easy as it would appear. When we get to an isle , my dad does a quick glance down the isle and states ” well they are out of that item again” and walks away. I go down the isle find what he was looking for and place it in the cart. He looks surprised and promptly says ” how did you find that? ” ( by looking for it ).

Also, we have all learned to be careful and not just randomly pick something up or say that looks good – from then on he thinks you want to eat that food for the rest of your life every day. You have to make sure you tell him it was a one time craving and make sure it doesn’t end up a permanent item on the list. There is no turning back after that. And as with everything else, grocery shopping is a big social event. We now know all the clerks in all the stores on a first name basis. If someone is not there that day my dad inquires why they are missing from their post and shirking their duties. The amazing thing is they will tell him where the person has gone and when they will be back. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often as any change in routine disrupts the whole day.