Going to the airport with my dad is a major event. Whether you are leaving on a trip or going to pick someone up. Years ago, when my mom was still alive, we would go to the bowl game trips with the University of Colorado. Mostly they were chartered flights. Even knowing that our seats were reserved, my dad would have us at the airport at least 2 hours early, at times earlier. We became the airport version of the Walmart greeters, as we would welcome all the other passengers as they arrived.

Fortunately, this occurred at the old airport and before 9/11. At Stapleton Airport you could go out on the observation decks and watch planes land and most of the shops and restaurants were open 24/7. This is not the case at DIA.

Picking someone up at the airport has become something similar to a military maneuver. There is much plotting and strategy before the actual event of going and picking the person up. My niece Katie came and spent 2 months with us during the Christmas holiday. We made sure we knew the flight and time of arrival down to the last second and just to make sure no mistakes were made we verified this information on a daily basis when we would talk. When the eventful day arrived we would get to the airport at least 2 hours early ” just in case “. Then we position ourselves directly in front of the arrival gate, don’t want to miss them getting off the plane you know, where would they go if they did? Of course this also includes checking the arrival and departure board every 2 minutes, just in case. At any rate Katie arrived, her grandfather and I were delighted to see and spend some time with her. Now at the end of January, we can do the whole process in reverse. It will be sad to see her leave, plus it will leave me with my dad the dogs and cats – help!