When I moved in with my dad he decided to be the cook. Nothing fancy, chicken, hamburgers, salads and frozen microwave meals. I decide it would be nice to treat him to breakfast and dinner on Saturday. I told my dad to choose where he would like to eat.  He has a very simple palate and we ended up eating breakfast at Village Inn and dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.

We also have a family tradition of treating members to a meal of their choosing for their birthday. My niece Katie, who has a very diverse palate, had my father recommend to her several times that the Texas Roadhouse was not only very good food but also very reasonably priced. Needless to say Katie chose the Texas Roadhouse to the delight of her grandfather. In fairness, the meal was very good and we had a great time. Since we have gone there so often, my dad has learned the names of most of the staff there and they banter back and forth with him on a first name basis. Eating at the Texas Roadhouse and Village Inn is more than a meal for my dad. For him it has become a huge social event.

My dad has also decide that he will treat for lunch on Sunday after Church. Once again though, he is very selective. He does receive social security, so we are cost conscious. And again he does have a very limited palate. After debating the issue, Arby’s was the restaurant of choice and has been ever since. We hit a snag with this about a year ago when the Arby’s closest to the house was closed – what would we do for lunch after Church? Fortunately, the crisis was solved when we found an Arby’s not much further away and best of all the staff from our Arby’s had relocated there. It’s nice when major problems have such an easy solution.