So here I am , back in the house I grew up in. How did this happen? Well 5 years ago, my dad now 82 , was struggling financially and i couldn’t convince him to move in with me. So I bought his house, moved in with my dog, along with his dog and 2 cats I inherited from my niece when she went to Europe to finish her PHD.

Even though I helped take care of my mom years ago, she died from Alzheimers , I am the last person in the world who should be taking care of anybody. But, God has a sense of humor and here I am taking care of my dad.

My family is much like the one in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”- nosey, loud people with lots of love and hot Greek tempers. But everyone thinks that me taking care of my dad is very normal. After all I am gay and single and what else do gay people do best but take care of others – right?